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  • 08, 21, 2017
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As business owners and entrepreneurs increasingly outsource tasks to virtual assistants, they do so for a number of reasons. Having your own VA makes life a little bit easier, it is a wise investment that will have long-term effects on your productivity, time management, and stress. You get more time to focus on the income-generating activities, you can be assured that someone is taking care of the other sides of the business, you can have more time to relax and spend some quality time with yourself or with others.


While your Virtual Assistant can do many things for you, here are top 5 Most time-saving task your Virtual Assistant can do for you:


Social Media Task


Social Media is a very powerful tool in today’s world. It can be a huge benefit to your marketing and customer-engagement task. One of the best ways to promote your business is by having a solid social media visibility. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the most commonly used social media platforms. From creating a business page to posting great content for your social media accounts you will be able to establish brand visibility. A virtual assistant can save you time by managing your social media daily, researching market trends, and managing ongoing messaging and communication to your followers and prospective clients.


Online Research


Most common research would include finding information about your competitors, finding corporate media companies where you can endorse or advertise your business for potential opportunities, and finding out the latest trends in your area of expertise. VA can suggest more cost-effective alternatives, allowing you to be more informed when making purchasing decisions.


Personal Assistance Task


Another great way to save time is to let a virtual assistant get your personal activities organized for you. A VA can manage your business calendar and diary, scheduling and manage your appointments, making plans and arrangements for your business travel also VA can help you editing and proofreading all documents you write for digital or printed publication.


Content Writing


Great content is time-consuming and sometimes draining for business owners as they have other things that they are thinking about. A Virtual Assistant is able to research topics that relate to your services or products, using relevant keywords and then share them with you so that you can quickly create the content for the blog post in the form of written word, videos or even audio podcasts.


Digital Marketing Task


There’s no doubt that digital marketing expands the reach of your small business greatly, but it also takes up a lot of time. It has been already declared that content holds the key to the online success of a business. When it comes to engaging the customers, you need to be specific and relevant. It is essential to enhance the visibility of your website on the Search Engine Result Pages. You can win this race only by providing engaging content and better products or services to the visitors.



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