We Save You Money
We understand the pressures of trying to grow your business in an ever demanding and changing market. Therefore, by providing outsourced staffing solutions at up to 70% off local pricing – that is an absolute cost saving that you can reinvest into your business.
We Only Hire Top Tier Talent (Top 10%)

My Global Team has a very strict recruitment process, to ensure our database consists of exceptional, educated and highly experienced personnel from around the world. We look for the cream of the crop, the top ten percenters in each sub-category (Admin Support, Virtual Assistant, and Marketing Staff).
We have a multi-layer recruitment process in place to ensure top quality outsourced staffing solutions. Our international head office shortlists top tier applicants, based on our strict selection criteria requirements. From there, all applicants are interviewed by experienced My Global Team staff and then submitted for 2nd round interviews with our Perth based HR Managers. Therefore, before they are ever presented to you, the applicants have undergone a thorough recruitment and background check process to ensure an exceptional level of talent.

Easy To Use Tracking Software

We currently use time tracking software (Include screenshot of what this looks like) to assist you with monitoring the MY GLOBAL TEAM talents progress throughout the day. The software monitors your contractor's activity in real time by taking a screenshot of their desktop at pre-selected interval times. In addition to the screenshots, you will also receive daily activity reports, which will give you a summary of every task that your contractor worked on and how long they worked on that task for.

Ongoing Support Provided
With an international office, as well as our head office in Perth, we are able to assist you on a daily and or weekly basis, as required. Whether you have any questions, require additional support or have any issues we have someone to help you straight away.

We Go The Extra Mile

To ensure that the entire process is as seamless and easy as possible for you

    • We look after the payroll of your team member

    • We ensure that the outsourced personnel are complying with relevant legislations

    • We managing any staffing issues

    • We provide ongoing support to you and the My Global Team member

    • We provide you with an easy activity tracking system

    • If you are not 100% happy with your applicant, we can find someone else for you at no extra charge


To ensure that the entire process is as seamless and easy as possible for you

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